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Contact ZeroW Project

Find contact information for key players in the ZeroW project about food loss and waste (FLW), funded by the European Union.

Facts about Food Loss and Waste (FLW)

One third of global food production is wasted every year. Find more facts on food loss and waste (FLW)

ZeroW project partners

Strong partnership of 46 partners across 16 different European countries are working to reduce Food Loss and Waste. See full list.

ZeroW Publications

Find results and publications from the ZeroW project aiming at reducing food loss and waste across Europe.

Living Lab #1 FLW monitoring and assessment

This Living Lab #1 is working to develop an open, data-driven platform for capturing and assessing FLW data throughout the supply chain​.

Press room

Find press releases and relevant press materials about food loss and waste (FLW) in the ZeroW project funded by the European Union.

ZeroW logo

Download ZeroW logo in different formats and read terms of use.

Living Lab #3 Wasteless greenhouse solutions

In this Living lab #3, different computer-vision methods and mathematical approaches are tested and evaluated to plan harvest time and estimate the yield more precisely in greenhouses to reduce food loss.

Project ZeroW - what it is all about

ZeroW is a EU project working to find new ways to reduce food loss and waste (FLW) through systemic innovations across Europe.

News from the ZeroW project

Find the latest news about food loss and waste (FLW) in the ZeroW project funded by the European Union.

ZeroW Innovations on Food Loss and Waste

Systemic innovations across Europe in 9 different living labs working to find new solutions to reducing food loss and waste.

Living Lab #2 Innovative sustainable packaging

This Living Lab #2 is developing packaging solutions to extend the shelf-life of packaged products and facilitate stock management.

Living Lab #8 FLW valorisation through algae production

This Living Lab #8 aims to implement a pre-treatment process, in-store, for the retail food waste in order to transform it into a dehydrated “powder” that can be used for microalgae feed.

Living Lab #7 Food bank network

This Living Lab #7 aims to support the efficient matching of supply and demand, with the goal to improve food waste reduction strategies while still addressing the food bank’s goals to address food insecurity.

Living Lab #6 Datadriven production process control

Processes in the poultry industry can be optimized to minimize food loss. This is being tested in this Living Lab #6 by implementing portable Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technology and intelligent data analysis.

Living Lab #5 Ugly food identification

This Living Lab #5 aims to classify tomato production at an early stage by quality and usefulness/shelf life by applying non-destructive and multi-attribute analysis techniques by VIS-NIR to single fruits.

Living Lab #4 Mobile food valorisation as a service

The aim of this Living Lab #4 is to demonstrate innovative processing solutions which can be marketed as a service for optimizing the processing of surplus fruits and vegetables.

Tools for innovation processes

Find tools for your innovation processes

Project ZeroW - Collaboration & Networkw

See which platforms, projects and networks ZeroW is cooperating with.

Join the Zero FLW Business Ecosystem and turn food loss & waste into sustainable business

Good news for people with an interest in turning food waste into a sustainable business is on the breaking! New community open for sign-ups.
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