9 systemic innovation labs for zero food and waste

ZeroW project is working to find new and innovative ways towards a Zero FLW Future in living labs across Europe.

The ZeroW project is about creating innovative solutions to reduce food waste through systemic innovation real life living labs.

This means that innovation does not take place in a decoupled academic silo, but right where food production, processing and distribution takes place and where consumers encounter the products on supermarket shelves and at homes where the most significant part of food waste occurs.

The project will be focusing in 9 specific cases, covering the whole farm-to-fork chain.

For example, one case aims to reduce food waste in a complex production line of a Spanish poultry producer (e.g. cordon bleu) through use of data and digital solutions, which can later be scaled up and extended to other food productions.

Another case is focused on developing sustainable and functional packaging solutions for fresh food products that helps you determine at the supermarket when they expire through intelligent labels. Indeed, it can help reduce food waste when both supermarket and consumer have a visual tool to determine how fresh the product is.

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9 living labs in ZeroW

Reducing food loss and waste through systemic innovation

  1. Food Loss & Waste monitoring & assessment 
  2. Innovative sustainable and smart packaging for fresh food products 
  3. Wasteless greenhouse solutions for (pre)harvesting 
  4. Mobile food valorisation as a service 
  5. Ugly food early identification 
  6. Advanced data-driven production process control & optimization 
  7. Food bank networks 
  8. Retail food waste valorisation through algae production 
  9. Informing and nudging consumers 

The overall objective of the project is to:

  • Create innovative solutions to reduce food waste through systemic innovation living labs
  • Develop commercial, digital tools and instruments that contribute to the achievement of food waste reduction targets
  • Contribute to the European Commission’s ongoing legislative initiatives in the area of food waste reduction

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ZeroW Project Workshop in Spain

ZeroW Project Workshop in Spain

In October, companies, technological centres and universities from southern Spain gathered to learn more about the ZeroW project and Food Loss & Waste reduction. The workshop was organised by Grupo La Caña.