Collaboration & Networks

ZeroFLW Business Ecosystem

The ZeroFLW Business Ecosystem is open for organisations with commercial insight and has been created to discuss, and support spin-offs, innovative ideas, business opportunities and much more.

The group will have access to an online community to create synergies and interact with a wide range of stakeholders who share a common interest to learn and exchange information about the needs and solutions for FLW in the market and an opportunity for potential collaborations/ partnerships.

The CCN Network

The Cooperation and Collaboration Network (CCN) set up by FOODRUS gathers 30 other projects and initiatives which have worked on, or are currently working in the field of food losses and food waste.

This Cooperation and Collaboration Network aims to foster dialogue on tools and approaches for food waste prevention, with a view to share experiences, identify gaps and barriers, and showcase best practices among both completed and ongoing projects. 

The Green Deal Support Office

Set up in early 2022, the Green Deal Support Office gathers the 73 Green Deal call projects into one single collaboration platform.

Its mission is to facilitate coordination between projects and maximise their impact in the longer term.

The GD-SO’s main objectives include fostering networking and knowledge exchange between these projects, developing synergies, and amplifying their communications efforts.

As part of the Green Deal Support Office, ZeroW will focus on exploring synergies with other projects on food - including Agro2Circular, ClieNFarms, EcoeFISHent, ENOUGH, NeoGiANT, PestNu, SISTERS and SchoolFood4Change.

Website: to come soon


Cities2030 for urban food system transformation

In early 2022, the European Commission’s DG RTD created a new platform gathering all ongoing EU projects working on urban food system transformation.

Its aim is to foster fruitful exchanges on what is working well and what should be improved in research, project management and policymaking for urban food system transformation.

The Cities2030 platform notably organised a workshop in June 2022 during which projects were invited to exchange and learn from each other.

Outcomes of this workshop will form the basis of a report to be published at the end of 2022. 

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Who is behind?

The ZeroW project is funded by the European Union under grant agreement No. 101036388. 46 partners across all of Europe are involved in the project, finding new and innovative ways to reduce food loss and waste.

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