ZeroW Public Panel Discussion

From R&D to Commercialisation: Challenges and Strategies for Food Loss and Waste Innovative Technologies

The ZeroW Project is pleased to announce its upcoming public panel discussion titled "From R&D to Commercialisation: Challenges and Strategies for Food Loss and Waste Innovative Technologies".

Scheduled for March 27th from 11:00 to 12:30 CET, the event aims to shed light on the journey of innovative technologies from research and development to successful commercialisation.

Date: March 27, 2023, 
Time: 11:00–12:30 CET.
Platform: Zoom

The lineup

The panel discussion will feature prominent experts and stakeholders from various sectors, including academia, industry, and government. The esteemed lineup includes:

  • Anna George (Project Coordinator, ZeroW): Delivering the keynote address and opening remarks.
  • Stephan Bostoen (Founder & CEO, Pebble Wave): Sharing perspectives on innovative solutions for FLW reduction.
  • Miguel Angel Cubero Márquez (Director General & CEO, Ingredalia): Offering expertise on sustainable food practices.


Engage with experts and share experiences

The panel discussion will delve into critical topics such as identifying barriers to commercialisation, fostering strategic partnerships, securing funding and investment, and ensuring market readiness for innovative technologies.

Through interactive sessions and Q&A segments, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with experts, share experiences, and explore strategies for accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable food system.

Commenting on the event, the ZeroW team emphasises the importance of commercialisation in maximising the impact of innovative solutions.

ZeroW Public Panel Discussion presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and drive positive change in the fight against food loss and waste. 

For more information

Participants are encouraged to register for the event and join the conversation.

For more information and registration details, please register below.

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