Panel Discussion on Transitioning Innovative FLW Technologies to Commercialisation

In a world grappling with the multifaceted challenges of food loss and waste, the urgency to transition innovative solutions from research and development to successful commercialisation has never been more pressing. Recognising the critical importance of this endeavour, a panel discussion was convened and organised by F6S on behalf of the ZeroW project.

The panel discussion took place on 27 March 2024 and brought together industry luminaries Stephan Bostoen (Founder & CEO, Pebble Wave), Miguel Angel Cubero Márquez (Director General & CEO, Ingredalia), and Colin Keogh (Principal Innovation & Commercialisation Consultant at ICP).

Their collective expertise illuminated the complexities, opportunities, and strategies involved in this pivotal transition.

Key Insights from the Discussion:

1. Challenges in Transitioning Innovative FLW Technologies:

The panel identified a myriad of challenges impeding the transition of innovative FLW technologies to commercialisation. Stephan emphasised the need for robust funding and extensive iterations to refine solutions before market entry.

Miguel highlighted the importance of achieving critical mass and aligning value chains to drive adoption.

Colin highlighted the challenge of identifying genuine market needs and translating technical data into impactful market solutions.

2. Facilitating Strategic Partnerships:

Strategic collaborations emerged as linchpins in expediting the commercialisation process. Panelists stressed the need for cohesive partnerships between academia, industry, government, and stakeholders to harness diverse perspectives and resources.

They emphasised the importance of soliciting end-user feedback, adapting to market demands, and embracing calculated risks to spur innovation.

3. Role of Funding Mechanisms and Investment Opportunities:

Discussion on funding mechanisms illuminated the crucial role of early-stage investment in bridging the gap between innovation and market readiness.

Panellists emphasised the necessity of judicious risk assessment and leveraging diverse funding sources to navigate the challenging transition from ideation to commercial viability.

They advocated for increased engagement with end-users to mitigate the notorious "valley of death" phenomenon and ensure sustainable scaling.


4. Ensuring Market-Readiness and End-User Needs:

Ensuring market readiness necessitates a nuanced understanding of end-user requirements and iterative product refinement. Panellists asserted the iterative nature of innovation, urging entrepreneurs to embrace trial and error, solicit end-user validation, and conduct industry trials to refine solutions iteratively.

They stressed the importance of agility, adaptability, and continuous improvement to meet evolving market demands effectively.

5. Long-term Sustainability and Impact:

The discussion delved into the key factors underpinning the long-term sustainability and impact of innovative FLW solutions. Panelists underlined the imperative of establishing robust business models, achieving self-sufficiency, and cultivating a culture of persistence and resilience. They also highlighted the need for holistic approaches that prioritise environmental, social, and economic sustainability to drive lasting change.

The panel discussion provided profound insights into the challenges and strategies involved in transitioning innovative FLW technologies to commercialisation. Collaboration, strategic partnerships, funding mechanisms, market readiness, and long-term sustainability emerged as critical imperatives in advancing impactful solutions for addressing food loss and waste.

As stakeholders continue to navigate this dynamic landscape, the invaluable insights gleaned from this discussion will serve as guiding beacons in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

Watch recording from 27 March 2024:

Panel Discussion on Transitioning Innovative FLW Technologies to Commercialisation:

ZeroW extends heartfelt thanks to esteemed panellists Stephan Bostoen, Miguel Ángel Cubero Márquez, and Colin Keogh for their valuable contributions to the recent discussion on FLW innovations. Special appreciation goes to Anna George for setting the tone with her keynote speech, and to Danijel Pavlica for expertly moderating the session.

Join us in the ZeroW Business Ecosystem for ongoing dialogue and collaboration towards a more sustainable future. 

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